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International Crisis Management Summit

November 8, 2018

International Crisis Management Summit

Thursday,November 8 @ 8:50 – 18:00

International Crisis Management Summit 2018

Event Details


Thursday November 8, 2018


8:50 – 18:00



International Crisis Management Summit

Welcome Keynote

Egypt’s tourism industry is witnessing a strong rebound after a series of challenges that impacted the sector.  A relatively new Minister of Tourism, Dr Rania Al-Mashat, an esteemed economist and renowned reformist, heralding from the International Monetary Fund and the Central Bank of Egypt will share her vision for further revitalization of Egypt’s travel and tourism sector, a major strategic pillar of the country’s economy and a key driver for employment opportunities, through structural reform and changing its narrative.  Our opening session will be an in-depth conversation with the Minister.

H.E. Rania al-Mashat, Minister of Tourism of Egypt

Anita Mendiratta, Founder, Cachet Consulting


The Frontline – A tale of two cities – their crises and how they were handled

Two major destinations and their crises events will be presented by individuals who participated. October 1, 2017 at 21:59 shots were fired that began the largest mass shooting in US history.  What happened?  How was Las Vegas able to save the 40,000 jobs and billions in revenue generated through travel and tourism? Our speaker will speak from the communications perspective.

New York City deals with crises almost every month, NYC & Co’s President & CEO, Fred Dixon will discuss crisis response to Hurricane Sandy, terrorist incident in Times Square et.al. the organisations’s crisis management plan, coordination with city, emergency management officials and communication processes undertaken with its 2000 members as well as meeting planners, travel trade and the global media.

Robert A. Jensen from Kenyon International Emergency Services, the company that handles the majority of the airlines and global travel businesses will then share with the audience how companies can effectively manage their response to a crisis, what needs to be in place and what to expect on day one, day ten and day thirty.

Christopher Heywood, SVP Communications, NYC & Company

Robert A. Jensen, CEO, Kenyon International Emergency Services

Cathy Tull, Chief Marketing Officer, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA)

Aneil Bedi, CEO, Brand Agents


Transitioning from “business as usual” to crisis response mode – How is TUI mastering crisis communication?

Our speaker will discuss TUI’s recent critical events and the policy that has developed around those events.  Topics covered will include:  TUI’s move from multi-brand to single brand, challenges in a changing media environment; crisis comms and crisis management: how it comes together at TUI; TUI’s Crisis comms framework and its eight pillars; What is in the TUI toolkit?  Lessons learned from recent crises.

Martin Riecken, Head of Corporate Communications, TUI Group


Empowering Confidence

With over 40 years in insurance, counter terrorism, close protection deployment, our speaker has married his skills with technology to provide a software application used by millions around the world to enjoy their travels, businesses to feel confident their duty of care has been met and governments to welcome arrivals.

Robin Ingle, CEO, MSH International

Anita Mendiratta, Founder, Cachet Consulting


Strategic Initiatives Ensuring Destination Resiliency

A combination of players ensures there is fertile groundwork for travel and tourism initiatives across the world. Corporations, NGOs, development firms, and governments align with broad reaching programs that address local needs before during and after a crisis.  What do these programs look like that anchor societal resilience, productivity and stability?

Global development companies, like Chemonics Int’l, support emerging or challenged destinations to grow tourism economies, instill levers of sustainability and promote enterprise and job growth to withstand crises.

NGO’s play a vital role in connecting the local population with the benefits and opportunities of travel and tourism.  ATA mission is to promote travel to and within Africa by working globally to build the independent voices of the African countries.  A boots on the ground, NGO, Mercy Corps, works in countries vulnerable to natural disaster or man-made challenges, by using a market-driven, community-led approach of working with local partners to improve access to basic resources and information, education, and employment, aiming to reduce tensions, empower households, community groups, entrepreneurs and local governments to better prepare for disasters, to recognize and welcome the tourist.

Without strong leadership, on all fronts, success is challenged.  Deloitte LLP, utilizes their global experience to provide crisis management guidance and leadership to countries, cities and businesses, facilitate methodologies and training to ensure resiliency. What are the long-term effects of these programs on the travel and tourism industry? Have systemic changes taken place in the destination and what criteria can we look at to measure success? Are programs easily transferrable to other destinations? Businesses?

Joanna Kolatsis, Owner, Themsis Advisory

Tim Johnson, COO, Deloitte LLP

Naledi Khabo, Executive Director, Africa Travel Association (ATA)

Allison Morris, Managing Director Corporate Partnerships, Mercy Corps

Ibrahim Osta, Director, Middle East and North Africa, Chemonics International


Creative Use of Analytics – Destination resilience by TripAdvisor

Presenting the global launch of TripAdvisor’s destination resiliency programme.  We will hear three case studies where data provided direction and guidance in making decisions, taking action or realigning assets to ensure resiliency proactively and/or retroactively.  In collaboration with global partners, TripAdvisor has harnessed critical information that aims to take the guess work out of preparing and addressing crises.

Sally Davey, Global Director, Industry Relations, TripAdvisor,


IIPT Awards

The IIPT Awards (International Institute for Peace Through Tourism Awards) will be presented to nominated persons who have furthered peace through travel and tourism.

Dr Taleb Rifai, Former Secretary General, United Nations World Tourism Organization

Gail Moaney, Managing Partner, Director, Finn Partners

Ajay Prakash, President, IIPT, India


Afternoon Keynote – Biometrics are here. How will travel be affected?

Biometrics is a focus of the World Travel and Tourism Council through their Seamless Traveller Journey Programme.  This effort aims to bring the Travel and Tourism private sector together around a technology and system agnostic, international interoperable approach to a seamless ad secure end-to-end journey.  Our speaker will provide an update on the status of the programme and the path forward.

Gloria Guevara, President & CEO, WTTC


Data Transforming Travel

The afternoon keynote presented the concept and programmes under foot for the WTTC’s Seamless Traveller Journey Programme.  Our panel will delve into the operational realities of such a programme and what are the various systems under development across the globe.

Speakers will discuss airport security and how the movement of travellers must be addressed to ensure security at borders.  With multiple types of systems in play how will consensus occur?  Collaboration is key.  We will hear how countries are progressing and what are the failsafe methods available today?  At the same time biometrics are facilitating travel, they are facilitating financial transactions.  Mastercard has ambitious programmes and is integrally involved in moving to a cashless society.  What are the challenges in these advancements?

Tim Wilcox, Journalist, BBC News

Matthew Finn, Managing Director, Augmentiq

Gloria Guevara, President & CEO, WTTC

Isabel Hill, Director, National Travel & Tourism Office, US Department of Commerce

Ian Slater, SVP Enterprise Partnership, Mastercard


Thought Leadership on the Move

Immediately following the first ITCMS, it was clear that the indigenous component required separate focus.  Countries around the world approached JMG requesting the thought leadership event come to their country.  Recognising the value of tailored, regional events we launched the first RTTS in June 2018 in Amman, Jordan.  We will hear from our past and future hosts what is happening in their countries and what the event delivered or will deliver.  Is the paradigm shifting ?

Ibrahim Osta, Director, Middle East and North Africa, Chemonics International

Edmund Bartlett CD, MP, Minister of Tourism, Jamaica

Deepak Raj Joshi, Chief Executive Officer, Nepal Tourism Board

HE Elena Kountoura, Minister of Tourism, Greece

Haitham Mattar, CEO, Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority

Gillian Saunders, Special Advisor to South African Minister of Tourism


Fake News and the Key to Reporting Crises

Media players will show the opposite side of the coin – Reuters/AP/TV news producers/bloggers/journalists will discuss what it is to cover a crisis, where do they get their facts, who do they speak with, how do they want to receive information? What can be done to ensure veracity?

Rachel O’Reilly, Head of Communications, Kuoni Travel UK

Stephen Adrain, Cameraman, BBC News

Sarah Begum, Investigative Journalist & Explorer, Sarah Begum Films and Big Earth Productions

Ian Taylor, Executive Editor, Travel Weekly Group

Claire Irvin, Head of Editorial, Travel, Daily Telegraph


What will keep you up tonight? – Squaring off on long term strategic variabilities

Pillars of the travel industry, government representatives and renowned emergency service provider will reflect on the best practices and lessons learned in crisis management and share their concerns.  Our panel will discuss what they have in place to ensured resiliency and execute strategic crisis management.  How is the strategy tested, what changes do they have to make and what are the key components to long term viability? After today’s event, what will keep them up tonight?

Damian Cook, CEO, e-Tourism

Markus Deutsch, Chairman, Landmark Global Associates LLC, LHL

Lloyd Figgins, Chairman, Trip Group

Robert A. Jensen, CEO, Kenyon International Emergency Services

Natalie Kidd, Managing Director, PEAK DMC

Dr Taleb Rifai, Former Secretary General, United Nations World Tourism Organization


November 8, 2018